These Puzzle Fund Abortion - Bonus Puzzle 1 - Agard and Husic

Because of the anti-abortion fuckery going on in Texas, we are promoting "These Puzzles Fund Abortion" to support Texas-based abortion funds. 

If you haven't donated before, you can donate to any Texas fund and receive the full puzzle pack. AND, all donors, new and returning, will be entered to win a custom 15x15 puzzle made just for you. AND, as an added incentive to get your friends to donate as well, we will be releasing puzzles right here on Just Gridding as we reach donation milestones. The first of these milestones was reached tonight after an incredibly generous human donated $100 each to the Texas Equal Access Fund, the Frontera Fund, and Whole Women's Health Alliance, bringing us over $1000 in just one day!

The incentive for this milestone was contributed by Erik Agard and Brooke Husic, both of whom are featured in These Puzzles Fund Abortion. It's an incredible honor to host the work of these two unparalleled constructors who are changing the crossword landscape on practically a daily basis, Erik as  the editor of the USA Today crossword and as a constructor for the New Yorker, and Brooke through her groundbreaking blog and her unbelievable puzzle energy. Brooke and Enrique Henestroza Anguiano also recently released "spread the word(list)," which is a free, data-driven wordlist that is an incredible resource for both new and experienced constructors. That we have a puzzle from BOTH Erik and Brooke is a truly epic moment for both of us here at Just Gridding, and I can assure you that this puzzle you're about to solve is absolute 🔥🔥🔥

The next milestone and puzzle drop will happen at $2500 or 40 donors, whichever comes first, with a puzzle from Matthew Stock and Nam Jin Yoon!




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