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c8 - a little ooh-la-la (themeless)

a themeless for you today. enjoy!  -clr puz   pdf      

t3 - where were we?

Hello and welcome back to Just Gridding!, the puzzle blog where Rachel and clr and sometimes their brilliant friends post puzzles. Sometimes those puzzles are created expressly for JG, and sometimes they are puzzles in need of a home because their pattern of black squares was deemed "unsightly" by the powers-that-be. Which type of puzzle was this one? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW. (Jk, obviously it can't be the latter because seriously,  look how pretty this grid is ).  All jokes aside, this was a super fun puzzle to make. I made the grid, and Ben Bass  (who writes the NYT cryptogram in the newsprint paper on Tue/Thu) and I collaborated on the clues. Ben discovered his love of writing clues during the creation of the first just-the-grid puzzle, and he did a fabulous job writing some of my favorites in this puzzle. We hope you like it! pdf puz