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jg4 - just the grid #4 - crowdsource the clues!

what better way to ring in 2022 than with some collaborative crossword creation?  here is a pdf image of my grid click here to access the google form where you can submit clues for up to five entries (feel free to do this multiple times if you'd like to submit more than five). please submit your clues by the end of the day Monday, 1/3.   ( if you're a new constructor and you'd like feedback on your submissions, you can let us know via the form -- after the twitch stream, we will email you our comments) on Thursday, 1/6, at 7pm eastern, Rachel and I will do a twitch livestream of our review of the submitted clues and make a completed puzzle together! -clr  

t4 - a moiety fine puzzle (themeless)

we're really proud of this one and had a lot of fun cluing it -- hope you enjoy! -erik and clr pdf puz   

c9 - cranberry milieu (themeless)

in case you missed it: 12/3 NYT puzzle 12/4 7xwords puzzle, a collaboration with longtime ACPT Connecticut Division trophy winner and all around cool dude, Pete Rimkus back this kickstarter for more fantastic puzzles -clr puz pdf