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c7 - on top

do you like themes? this puzzle has one. how about grids of irregular size? this is for you. mirror symmetry? AND circles? AND a totally unintentional koala-shaped black square layout? I got you.  -clr puz   pdf              

jg3 - just the grid #3 - finished puzzle

Thank you to the 25 fabulous humans who contributed clues for this third iteration of just-the-grid. We had a great time pulling this puzzle together (see Twitch for the stream, which will remain available for a few more days). Thanks to Norah Sharpe for compiling the credits for this puzzle, and to Brooke Husic for test-solving it. If you submitted clues and requested feedback, we'll get that to you in the next few weeks. See you next time for a just-the-grid created by clr! pdf puz Clue Attributions: Adam Nicolle : 35-A; 13-D; 54-D Adrian Johnson : 8-D; 58-D Ajay Z: 6-D Alice Kirby: 25-A; 40-A; 51-D Ben Bass: 46-A; 47-D Brendan W. Sullivan : 12-A; 31-D; 56-D Bruce Ryan: 50-A David Harris : 21-A Hannah Krugg: 15-A; 24-A; 30-A; 33-D; 36-D; 52-D Hayley Gold: 11-A; 17-A Heather Pierce: 6-A; 48-A Jesse Lansner : 2-D Jessica Savieo: 60-A Jlsavv: 16-D; 35-D Kate Chin Park : 32-A; 45-A; 61-A; 10-D; 18-D; 23-D; 49-D Keith Fabi: 59-A; 62-A Ken Stern: 1-A; 3-D Matthew Luter : 29-A; 4-D M