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r2 - what's your alignment?

Hellooo, here's a themed puzzle for you to solve while our first crowdsourced " just gridding " puzzle is pending! Sharp solvers may notice a similarity between this (themed) puzzle and the (themeless) grid in the crowdsourced puzzle. I promise the two are only related insofar as I am a nerd who loves [activity from which those similar terms come] and frequently put that activity into puzzles . Thanks to Brooke and clr for test-solving! Clr and I will be going through submissions and fine-tuning clues / discussing our own approaches to cluing on Tuesday, June 1, at 8pm on Twitch . See you there? Links: .pdf .puz

jg1 - just gridding #1 - crowdsource the clues!

 This is our first attempt at a "Just Gridding!", in which we post a grid and crowd-source the clues. We are still figuring out the best system for crowdsourcing clues, but here's what we've got so far: Click this link for a pdf image of the grid (on a separate page so it's not spoiled for people who are curious but don't actually want to participate) Click this link to access the Google Form where you can submit fun/creative/"indie-only" clues for up to five entries (feel free to do this multiple times if you have more than five you'd like to submit!) Rachel + clr will review submissions a week from today (5/26) and pick out a set of potential clues At this point, we'll either (a) finalize the puzzle and publish it with the clues we like or (b) livestream a conversation in which we discuss clue choices and make small edits (like Brooke and Adam did a few months ago), and *then* finalize and publish it. (If you have a preference here, let u

r1 - ampersandwich? (themeless)

Thanks to clr and also to Brooke Husic for test-solving and helping me hone this puzzle! I'm super excited to have a place to publish puzzles that aren't exactly mainstream-outlet-material, and for this to be the first one I'm putting out into the world. If you enjoyed the puzzle, definitely leave a comment, and if you didn't, see 38-Down 😘 Links: .puz .pdf

c1 - it's a stretch! (themeless)

hello and welcome. this is a puzzle. thanks to the incomparable Brooke Husic and to my blog buddy Rachel for test solving! Puzzle links: .pdf .puz

just gridding!

Hello, and welcome to Just Gridding! This is a site where Rachel Fabi and Claire Rimkus (clr) will regularly (or semi-regularly...) post indie crossword puzzles. We will also occasionally, as the title of our blog suggests, post "just grids" that solvers can write the clues for (as soon as we find a reasonably-technologically-sound way to crowdsource clues), so keep an eye out for those!  To receive updates when we post new puzzles, please join the  Google group . We are definitely happy to welcome collaborations and/or guest posts, so hit us up at [just gridding at gmail dot com] to connect about that (or like, just reach out on twitter, that would also be fine!).