These Puzzles Fund Abortion - Bonus Puzzle 10 - Piuma

300 people have donated $ 26,382 to Texas-based abortion funds! This is a truly incredible number of donors, and to thank you all for spreading the word about this fundraiser, I am delighted to offer you this truly incredible puzzle from Chris Piuma , aka the Wordgarbler. Chris contributed to the original 'These Puzzles Fund Abortion" puzzle pack and is back with this floral themeless masterpiece. I love Chris's puzzles, which you can find here , and their near-daily Twitch stream is a highlight of my lunch breaks. Chris is incredibly thoughtful and generous with their time and brilliance, and I'm so honored to host this puzzle on Just Gridding!  Our next incentive puzzle is by Vox constructor/ Inkubator managing editor  Juliana Tringali Golden , and will drop at 320 donors or $27,500 whichever we hit first! Notes from Chris, a garbler of few words:  “Thanks to everyone for donating and thanks to Norah and Rachel for test driving the puzzle.” pdf puz

These Puzzles Fund Abortion - Bonus Puzzle 9 - Peterson

We reached 260 donors! As of right now, we have raised $24,622 from 262 donors, which means we've unlocked the next incentive puzzle. Thank you to Eric Peterson for coming out of crossword-constructing-semi-retirement to contribute this aptly-themed puzzle as an incentive. It's been a blast to work with Eric on this one, and I'm really pleased with how this puzzle turned out. The next incentive puzzle will drop at 300 donors or $27,500, whichever comes first. It'll be a * gorgeous * themeless puzzle from Chris Piuma, so be sure to tell your friends where they can get These Puzzles Fund Abortion and our bonus puzzles! Notes from Eric:  I was inspired to participate in this fundraiser after the Supreme Court recently declined to stop the Texas abortion ban from going into effect. I wanted to do more than make a donation, so I asked Rachel Fabi if I could contribute a puzzle as a fundraiser incentive, and she enthusiastically agreed. As a male who has never been affect

c6 - this may get ugly (themeless)

a 14x16 themeless for your solving pleasure. enjoy! -clr puz pdf        

These Puzzles Fund Abortion - Bonus Puzzle 8 - Trudeau

Hi folks, congratulations to all of us on making it to $22,500 raised to support Texas abortion funds! This incentive puzzle was generously contributed by the unbelievably prolific and immensely talented  Ross Trudeau , who has published 43 puzzles in the New York Times Crossword and also runs his own blog, Rossword Puzzles , where he regularly posts his own puzzles. I'm so grateful to Ross for offering this puzzle, which contains an appropriate message for the people of Texas who are fighting for reproductive justice.  Our next incentive puzzle will drop at $25,000 raised or 260 donors, whichever comes first!  pdf puz

These Puzzles Fund Abortion - Bonus Puzzle 7 - Fabi and Chin Park

 WOW I really never expected us to r each 178 donors in support of Texas-based abortion funds, but here we are! I'm so inspired by the generosity of the crosswo rd community, both the solvers and the constructors, who came together to make this fundraiser a success. This puzzle is a themed one from me ( Rachel Fabi ) and my puzzling buddy Kate Chin Park , who also contributed to an earlier incentive puzzle with Brian Thomas . We hope you enjoy this slightly-tricky puzzle!  The next incentive puzzle is from prolific constructor Ross Trudeau , and will drop at $23,500 or 228 donors, whichever comes first! pdf puz

c5 - These Puzzles Fund Abortion - Bonus Puzzle 6 - Rimkus

 If you're seeing this puzzle, it means we've just raised over $16,000 for Texas-based abortion funds, or more than 135 donors. This puzzle was created by the brilliant mind behind half of the regularly scheduled puzzles that appear on this site, and my partner-in-blog, Just Gridding's very own clr! They're one of the best constructors in the game right now, and I am truly honored that they chose to contribute this puzzle to the cause. The clues clr writes are just BRILLIANT, and I hope you enjoy the solve! The next bonus incentive puzzle is a themed (!!) puzzle from me (Rachel Fabi) and Kate Leiserson, which will drop at $20,000 raised or 178 donors, whichever comes first! pdf puz

These Puzzles Fund Abortion - Bonus Puzzle 5 - Vu

We just hit 101 donors in support of Texas-based abortion funds, and my heart truly could not be more full. It continues to blow my mind how generous and social-justice-oriented the crossword community is, and how we always manage to rally together around important causes like this.  When we started blowing through my incentive benchmarks, I was worried I wouldn't have enough bonus puzzles to keep up the momentum, but so many selfless constructors stepped up to offer me puzzles, and the first person to construct *an entirely new puzzle just for this purpose* was Kim Vu , the brilliant constructor behind this puzzle, one of my all-time favorite Boswords puzzles, and several gorgeous USA Today puzzles, to name just a few. I'm so grateful to Kim for creating this anger-channeling incentive puzzle on such short notice ❤️ Next incentive comes at $16,000 or 135 donors, whichever comes first, and is a gorgeous themeless puzzle from Just Gridding's very own clr! Notes from Kim: