t3 - where were we?

Hello and welcome back to Just Gridding!, the puzzle blog where Rachel and clr and sometimes their brilliant friends post puzzles. Sometimes those puzzles are created expressly for JG, and sometimes they are puzzles in need of a home because their pattern of black squares was deemed "unsightly" by the powers-that-be. Which type of puzzle was this one? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW. (Jk, obviously it can't be the latter because seriously,  look how pretty this grid is ).  All jokes aside, this was a super fun puzzle to make. I made the grid, and Ben Bass  (who writes the NYT cryptogram in the newsprint paper on Tue/Thu) and I collaborated on the clues. Ben discovered his love of writing clues during the creation of the first just-the-grid puzzle, and he did a fabulous job writing some of my favorites in this puzzle. We hope you like it! pdf puz

c7 - on top

do you like themes? this puzzle has one. how about grids of irregular size? this is for you. mirror symmetry? AND circles? AND a totally unintentional koala-shaped black square layout? I got you.  -clr puz   pdf              

jg3 - just the grid #3 - finished puzzle

Thank you to the 25 fabulous humans who contributed clues for this third iteration of just-the-grid. We had a great time pulling this puzzle together (see Twitch for the stream, which will remain available for a few more days). Thanks to Norah Sharpe for compiling the credits for this puzzle, and to Brooke Husic for test-solving it. If you submitted clues and requested feedback, we'll get that to you in the next few weeks. See you next time for a just-the-grid created by clr! pdf puz Clue Attributions: Adam Nicolle : 35-A; 13-D; 54-D Adrian Johnson : 8-D; 58-D Ajay Z: 6-D Alice Kirby: 25-A; 40-A; 51-D Ben Bass: 46-A; 47-D Brendan W. Sullivan : 12-A; 31-D; 56-D Bruce Ryan: 50-A David Harris : 21-A Hannah Krugg: 15-A; 24-A; 30-A; 33-D; 36-D; 52-D Hayley Gold: 11-A; 17-A Heather Pierce: 6-A; 48-A Jesse Lansner : 2-D Jessica Savieo: 60-A Jlsavv: 16-D; 35-D Kate Chin Park : 32-A; 45-A; 61-A; 10-D; 18-D; 23-D; 49-D Keith Fabi: 59-A; 62-A Ken Stern: 1-A; 3-D Matthew Luter : 29-A; 4-D M

jg3 - just the grid #3 - crowdsource the clues!

Hello and welcome to our THIRD just-the-grid, where we post a grid and then crowd-source the clues! This is an opportunity for new constructors (or non-constructors!) to get some experience writing clues and for experienced constructors to show off. Clr and I will review the submissions, and then we'll live stream our thought process as we go through the submitted clues and pull together a complete puzzle.  The grid is here , and the google form for submitting clues (up to 5 at a time) can be found here .  The live stream will be on 10/7 at 7pm eastern.

These Puzzles Fund Abortion - Bonus Puzzle 10 - Piuma

300 people have donated $ 26,382 to Texas-based abortion funds! This is a truly incredible number of donors, and to thank you all for spreading the word about this fundraiser, I am delighted to offer you this truly incredible puzzle from Chris Piuma , aka the Wordgarbler. Chris contributed to the original 'These Puzzles Fund Abortion" puzzle pack and is back with this floral themeless masterpiece. I love Chris's puzzles, which you can find here , and their near-daily Twitch stream is a highlight of my lunch breaks. Chris is incredibly thoughtful and generous with their time and brilliance, and I'm so honored to host this puzzle on Just Gridding!  Our next incentive puzzle is by Vox constructor/ Inkubator managing editor  Juliana Tringali Golden , and will drop at 320 donors or $27,500 whichever we hit first! Notes from Chris, a garbler of few words:  “Thanks to everyone for donating and thanks to Norah and Rachel for test driving the puzzle.” pdf puz

These Puzzles Fund Abortion - Bonus Puzzle 9 - Peterson

We reached 260 donors! As of right now, we have raised $24,622 from 262 donors, which means we've unlocked the next incentive puzzle. Thank you to Eric Peterson for coming out of crossword-constructing-semi-retirement to contribute this aptly-themed puzzle as an incentive. It's been a blast to work with Eric on this one, and I'm really pleased with how this puzzle turned out. The next incentive puzzle will drop at 300 donors or $27,500, whichever comes first. It'll be a * gorgeous * themeless puzzle from Chris Piuma, so be sure to tell your friends where they can get These Puzzles Fund Abortion and our bonus puzzles! Notes from Eric:  I was inspired to participate in this fundraiser after the Supreme Court recently declined to stop the Texas abortion ban from going into effect. I wanted to do more than make a donation, so I asked Rachel Fabi if I could contribute a puzzle as a fundraiser incentive, and she enthusiastically agreed. As a male who has never been affect