Out of Office: December 2023

Thank you for your email. I will be out of office from December 22 – January 3, and I will not be checking my email during that time. In the meantime, please enjoy this seasonal "out of office" crossword. I appreciate your patience, and I will be in touch in the new year.  Happy holidays! -rf

jg6 - Just the Grid #6: The One with the Dad Jokes (Final Grid)

 Thank you to everyone who submitted clues for this Just-the-Grid puzzle!  puz pdf Featuring and/or inspired by clue submissions from: kelsey Frisco17 Matt Forest Will Eisenberg WordNerdBird Lyle Broughton Bob Weisz Lance Enfinger Mike Koscielny Aaron Riccio Pixlate Emily Biegas Dan Schwartz jenesaiswha norah jibbymax Sala  Jono Berry Will Eisenberg Ada Nicolle Mark rebgold Rachel  clr and several other people who attended the live cluing stream!

jg6 - Just the Grid #6

Well, well, well, if it isn't the Just Gridding! team back with another "Just the Grid"!  In case you need a refresher, this is an experiment that we run every so often in which we post a grid and crowdsource this clues. Unlike most themeless grids, which are often created with a particular voice and/or message in mind, the grids we use for these experiments are created especially for this purpose, so that we can solicit as many voices and fresh cluing angles as possible. This is an opportunity for new and experienced constructors alike to experiment with voice-y or boundary-pushing clues, so don't hold back!  Check out the grid and then submit your clues using the links below (feel free to submit as many times as you like!).  Grid Clue Submission Form The deadline to submit clues is July 14, 2023. We will then sort through the submitted clues, livestreaming our cluing conversation and decisions on Twtich at . (Exact date/time TBD, we will keep y

r11 - out of office 2023 #2 (contest puzzle!)

Thank you for your message. I am out of office June 29-July 5, and I will not have access to email during this time. In the meantime, please enjoy this "Out of Office Crossword Puzzle," which is a *contest* puzzle. If you find the four secret answers to the puzzle, you can submit them here  or using the sheet below for a chance to win a set of stickers from These Puzzles Fund Abortion . Thank you for your patience! -Rachel puz pdf Contest puzzle instruction:  There are four secret answers to this puzzle. If you identify them, you can submit them below for a chance to win a prize!  Loading…

r10 - out of office 2023 pt 1

Thank you for your message. I am out of office May 19-29 to celebrate my brother Zack Fabi's wedding to the most wonderful sister-to-be I could ever have imagined, Caitlin Betz! I will not have access to email during this time, as I will be occupied playing with their beautiful adopted dog MJ. Thank you for your patience! -Rachel

c21 - if you're gonna make me ask... (themeless)

I haven't been posting as often because I am currently prioritizing 1) editing puzzles that help people,* and 2) constructing puzzles that come with a paycheck.** I hope to one day get back to a more regular schedule. In the meantime, here is a themeless puzzle for your solving pleasure.  Enjoy :) -clr puz pdf *TPFA3 has been released; please check it out here if you haven't yet! **see 3/10 NYT and 3/27 USA Today for some recent endeavors on this front        

These Puzzl3s Fund Abortion: "The More You Know!" by Caitlin Reid

These Puzzl3s Fund Abortion is the third puzzle pack created and edited by Rachel Fabi, C.L. Rimkus, and Brooke Husic to support independent abortion funds during the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) Fund-a-Thon . This year, we are proud to present 16 crossword puzzles made by a slate of incredible crossword constructors, including this sample-sized sample puzzle from Caitlin Reid.  If you enjoy this puzzle, please consider donating for the full puzzle pack through our Fund-a-Thon page here. The recommended donation is $15, but for $25 you can receive this year's pack and the original 2021 TPFA pack. For donations of $50 or more, you will receive the 2021, 2022, and 2023 packs! You can learn more about this project at our website . pdf puz Caitlin Reid (she/her) has been making crosswords since 2017. Her puzzles have appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, USA Today, and other venues.