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r6 - sampler platter

This puzzle is a sampler in the sense of an embroidery sampler and also in the sense of the ideal appetizer order for the indecisive. It's a set of smaller puzzles all crammed into one 15x15 grid, composed of four minis to whet your appetite before a more challenging meal in the middle. Whatever you do, please don't report me to @not_a_crossword . Bon appetit! -r puz pdf

c10 - in the blink of an eye (themeless)

a 14x16 themeless for your solving pleasure. enjoy! -clr puz pdf  

jg4 - just the grid #4 - finished puzzle

thanks to everyone who participated and submitted clues! credits are below the PuzzleMe applet, and the twitch stream is available here . if you submitted clues and specified that you are a new constructor who wants feedback on their submission, I will be emailing you within the next few days. -clr puz pdf   contributors: thank you Matthew Stock for test-solving! grid: clr clues: 1A    Ajay 5A    Matthew Luter 9A    brooke 14A    Sally Hoelscher 16A    Anonymous 17A    Alexis Viera 18A    Rebecca Goldstein 19A    Ajay / Rachel 20A    Will Eisenberg 21A    Anonymous 22A    Ben Bass 23A    Rebecca Goldstein 26A    clr 28A    Rebecca Goldstein 31A    Rebecca Goldstein 33A    Matthew Luter 34A    Rebecca Goldstein 35A    Dave Harris 39A    Dave Harris 40A    brooke 41A    Ben Bass 42A    brooke 43A    Dave Harris 46A    Ada Nicolle 47A    Frisco17 / Paul Selkirk 49A    Jessica Savieo 51A    Paul Selkirk 53A    Sally Hoelscher 57A    Ben Bass 58A    brooke 59A    Ajay 60A    Ben Bass 61A