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jg2 - just the grid #2 - crowdsource the clues!

 welcome to our second attempt at crowd-sourced cluing! 1. click here for a pdf image of clr's grid 2. click here to access the google form where you can submit clues for up to five entries (feel free to do this multiple times if you have more than five you'd like to submit) 3. on wednesday, august 4, at 8pm eastern, we will do a twitch livestream of our review of the submitted clues and make a completed puzzle.  note from rachel: if you're a new constructor and you'd like feedback on your submissions, you can let us know via the form -- it might take a while, but we'll email you our thoughts if we don't discuss your clues on the twitch stream!

r4 - "squee!" (themeless)

Hello, it's my birthday! Here's a puzzle that has nothing to do with that. Thanks (as ever) to clr and brooke for test solving. You can also check out my puzzle today on 7xwords (thanks malaika !).  puz pdf

c3 - "hmm, i've seen this before" (themeless)

this is a themeless puzzle that I hope you enjoy (btw if you haven't heard, two weeks ago the indie 500 puzzle pack dropped, featuring a themed puzzle by yours truly, plus some top-notch work from a fantastic lineup of constructors. be sure to donate if you haven't gotten it yet!) -clr puz pdf  

t2 - homecoming

we would write notes, but we're too busy counting down the hours til our friend comes back -brooke and clr puz pdf  

r3 - out of office

Hello! This puzzle was originally written as an out of office message while I was backpacking in the woods without internet access from July 2 - July 18, 2021. If you are seeing this puzzle after that time, it must mean I am out of office again! Please enjoy the below crossword puzzle, and thanks as always to clr and brooke for the test solves, and to clr for help with 74A. -r.e.fabi pdf puz