jg1 - just gridding #1 - crowdsource the clues!

 This is our first attempt at a "Just Gridding!", in which we post a grid and crowd-source the clues. We are still figuring out the best system for crowdsourcing clues, but here's what we've got so far:

  1. Click this link for a pdf image of the grid (on a separate page so it's not spoiled for people who are curious but don't actually want to participate)
  2. Click this link to access the Google Form where you can submit fun/creative/"indie-only" clues for up to five entries (feel free to do this multiple times if you have more than five you'd like to submit!)
  3. Rachel + clr will review submissions a week from today (5/26) and pick out a set of potential clues
  4. At this point, we'll either (a) finalize the puzzle and publish it with the clues we like or (b) livestream a conversation in which we discuss clue choices and make small edits (like Brooke and Adam did a few months ago), and *then* finalize and publish it. (If you have a preference here, let us know!). 
Let's see how this goes!!!


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