jg1 - just gridding 1 - finished puzzle

Thank you to everyone who submitted clues for the "crowdsource the clues" effort on this first "just gridding" puzzle, as well as those who attended the Twitch stream last night to discuss, finesse, and finalize the clues for this puzzle. Contributors are listed below the embedded puzzle (edit: and thanks to Norah Sharpe for sorting and tagging contributors!). Feel free to claim the ones you wrote in the comments! If you are a newer constructor who requested feedback on your submissions, I'll be in touch over the next couple of weeks (we got far more than we expected, so this may take me a while!). 




ps. thank you to Matt Gritzmacher of Daily Crossword Links for the test solve!

Clue contributors:

Adam Nicolle: 8D
Adrian Johnson: 50A, 2D, 24D, 34D
Ben Bass: 20A, 30A, 4D
Brooke Husic: 18A, 12D, 30D, 44D
David Harris: 7A
David Koelle: 59A
Eli Selzer: 33D, 35D, 36D
Evan Birnholz: 34A, 41A, 53D
Gabe Gonzalez: 58A
Heather Pierce: 46D, 54D
Hoang-Kim Vu: 42A
Jibby Max: 29D
Kate Leiserson: 31A, 43A
Malaika Handa: 23A, 32A
Mark Valdez: 38A, 49A
Matthew Stock: 52A, 17D, 25D
May Huang: 3D, 10D, 55D
Mike DiStefano: 5D
Mike Graczyk: 16A, 22A, 28A
Neville Fogarty: 1D, 45D
Norah Sharpe: 26A, 27A, 57A, 31D
Paul Vong: 6D
Rebecca Goldstein: 39A, 48A, 56A, 7D
Sally Hoelscher: 11D
Steve Mossberg: 37A, 40D, 42D
Tom McCormick: 36A
Travis Rieder: 19A, 47A
Wendy L. Brandes: 14D
Will Eisenberg: 1A, 51D

Honorable mentions:

Jessica Savieo

Jessie Fuentes

Kevin Lumpkin

Saswat Mishra

Sinclair Kinch Tyler Futz


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