jg5 - Just-the-Grid #5 - update

Thank you to everyone who submitted clues! We've finalized the puzzle, but it won't go up on just gridding until next week because we are bringing printed copies to ACPT this weekend (it's an ~exclusive~). Credits for clue-writers are below, and feedback will be sent to everyone who requested it in the coming weeks.

1A Matt Forest

4A Mike B
13A Rachel Fabi
15A Aaron Riccio
16A brucery
18A Will Eisenberg
19A brucery
21A Sally Hoelscher
22A Mike B
24A Shannon Rapp
28A Rachel Fabi
30A clr
31A Emma Lawson
34A Claire's Dad
35A Rob Ellman
36A Shannon Rapp
40A clr
41A Shannon Rapp
42A Matt Gritzmacher
44A Matt Gritzmacher
49A Claire's Dad
51A Daniel Mauer
52A Ken Stern
56A Claire's Dad
57A Shannon Rapp
58A Anna-Marie Ruoff
59A Matt Forest
60A Neville Fogarty

1D Will Eisenberg
2D Anonymous
3D Matt Gritzmacher
4D Rebecca Goldstein
5D Aaron Riccio
6D Jessica Savieo
7D Rebecca Goldstein
8D clr
9D Jessica Savieo
10D Sara Heins
11D Matt Gritzmacher
12D Rebecca Goldstein
14D Shannon Rapp
17D Matt Gritzmacher
20D brucery
23D Frisco17
25D Sara Heins
26D kelsey dixon/crosstina aquafina
27D Rachel Fabi + Neville Fogarty
29D Matt Gritzmacher
31D Rob Ellman
32D Rebecca Goldstein
33D Matthew Luter
34D Sara Heins
36D Frisco17
37D Shannon Rapp
38D Caitlin Nye
39D Sara Heins
43D brucery
45D Matt Forest
46D Sara Heins
47D Anonymous
48D Sara Heins
50D Sara Heins
52D Matthew Luter + seven_dollars
53D Jessica Savieo
54D Shannon Rapp
55D bjackrian


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