jg2 - just the grid #2 - finished puzzle

we are pleased to present the finished product of our second "just the grid" crowdsourced clues effort. thanks to all who submitted clues and participated in the livestream, which can be viewed here. credits can be found below the PuzzleMe. if you are a newer constructor who requested feedback on your clue submissions, I'll be in touch with you over the next week or so!





grid: clr


1A    mike lieberman
6A    Drew Orland
15A    Sally Hoelscher
16A    mike lieberman
17A    kormad
18A    Neville Fogarty
19A    Sally Hoelscher
21A    Emily Flynn
22A    Neville Fogarty
23A    Matthew Luter
24A    Drew Orland
26A    clr
27A    Lloyd M.
28A    Eli Selzer
31A    Neville Fogarty
37A    Brendan W. Sullivan
38A    Ori Brian
39A    alice kirby
40A    Hannah Krug
41A    Will Eisenberg
42A    Drew Orland
44A    Sally Hoelscher
45A    Amy Nelson
48A    Mollie Cowger
51A    Will Eisenberg
53A    clr
56A    Adam Nicolle
57A    clr
58A    Sophia Maymudes
59A    Drew Orland
60A    Drew Orland
1D    Amy Nelson
2D    Rebecca Goldstein
3D    Amy Nelson
4D    Adam Nicolle
5D    Sally Hoelscher
6D    Ori Brian
7D    Amy Nelson
8D    Kate Leiserson
9D    Eli Selzer
10D    Kate Leiserson
11D    Drew Orland
12D    Rose Sloan
13D    Drew Orland
14D    Lloyd M.
20D    Adam Nicolle
24D    Heather Pierce
25D    clr
26D    Anonymous #1
27D    Jessica Savieo
28D    Mollie Cowger
29D    Ori Brian
30D    Saswat Mishra
31D    Sally Hoelscher
32D    Mollie Cowger
33D    Will Eisenberg
34D    Will Eisenberg
35D    Sophia Maymudes
36D    Anonymous #2
42D    Sally Hoelscher
43D    Sally Hoelscher
44D    Drew Orland
45D    Rachel Fabi
46D    clr
47D    Will Eisenberg
48D    Drew Orland
49D    Adam Nicolle
50D    Saswat Mishra
51D    Emily Flynn
52D    Norah Sharpe
54D    Adam Nicolle
55D    Neville Fogarty

Honorable mentions:
Dob Olino
Jacob McDermott
Brian Lipinski


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