g1 - I could go either way (guest puzz from Rebecca Goldstein)

We are super excited to bring you our first guest puzzle (g1) on just gridding! It's from friend of the blog (and friend of the bloggers) Rebecca Goldstein, who is bringing you a spicy and sassy 17x that we both adore. Enjoy!

Note from Rebecca: 

This puzzle was born at one of my happy places - the local, queer-owned barber shop, a rad, bro-free space where I get a fresh cut and great conversation  with the owner and OG butch lesbian, Julie, on a monthly basis. The theme occurred to me while driving home from my last cut, and I thought my favorite new puzzle blog might just be the right space for it. Thankfully, Rachel and clr agreed - big thanks to them for giving this guest grid a loving home!



P.S. If you are interested in running a guest puzzle here on just gridding, you can reach out to us at justgridding at gmail dot com. 


  1. Fantastic. I'd say it's in the top three puzzles I've solved this month, but don't want you to think I'm actually trashing it ;)

  2. 78d and 94a clues are sooo gooood

  3. Great puzzle and theme! Had fun throughout :).


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